Who Else Wants a Custom Google+ My Business Page that Increases your Audience, & Explodes Sales?

google+ my business page what is it?


Dear business owner,

Has this ever happened to you?

Here's the scenario,

Recently, I was searching for a good lawn mower repair shop. I had one in mind and didn't have a phone book near by. I was searching in my local town, Osage Beach MO, and I found a few competitors, but not the small engine repair shop I was hoping to find.

At first I thought maybe they were out of business. Then I remembered driving by his shop while on my way to the grocery store, and the parking lot was pack.

Several weeks later...

I found time to take my mower to the shop. When the owner came to the counter and ask me what he could do for me, instead of telling him my mower woes, the conversation went like this...

Me: "Several weeks ago, I was just searching for a lawnmower repair ship here in town and I found 5 of your competitors… but I couldn’t find your business in Google at all.

If I can't find you online, there are probably others like me that can't find you either. I bet your losing a lot of business and sales because the people who are looking for you online can't find you and may think you are closed or out of business, like I did."

Repair shop owner: "I thought I had a Google page set up...?" He goes to his computer and conducts a search for his business.

What do you think he found?
That's right... nothing, zilch, Zero results!

How about your business?

Do you have a verified Google+ my Business page for your business?

If this concerns you, I can fix this problem for you and stop sending customers to your competitors. This problem isn’t hard to fix and it does take a little time. But you do need to know what you’re doing to get it right.

I can do that for you.

Once your set up you should see a noticeable increase in phone calls and visits than you are right now.

Okay, William, how much does this one service cost?

Firstly, How much does it cost to have a small square on the yellow pages these days? $1,200 a year is what I use to pay for a small yellow page ad in the late 90's.
Yellow page ad's aren't what they use to be anymore.

I know web designers, SEO Consultants, and webmasters like myself, that charge anywhere from $599 to $1,000 or more to get your business listed on Google My Business. When you hire me to do the job for you you won't pay a $1,000 or $599, not even $250.

Before I disclose my Google My Business Fee's...

Let me show you what you will be paying for with this package:

If you have not set up a Google My business listing or if you have one but it isn't verified I will Get your Google+ page all set up plus...

Set up your Google My Business account Get your Maps all set up properly Upload up to 12 images  
  Set up and optimize your
Page copy
Set up Google + for
business branding
Use my super Jedi SEO tricks to get your page listed above your competitions.  

   This way your business will be at the top of Local search in your category. Of course this one isn't guaranteed due to how fast Google changes it's algorithm.

If you have a Google+, My Business account but not verified, I will help you Un-Lock your page, check your listing, and apply all of the above mentioned points, so your business can hit the ground running fast and get your phone ringing again!

You'll get all of this for a measly $175.00

What are you waiting for?

Click Here to Claim Your Google My Business Package

Think of this way...

How much is your Yellow page ad's rate costing you? And how much MORE money would you make if you doubled, tripled or quadrupled the response rate from Google in your local area? I’m betting this service alone would add thousands to your bottom line this year – That’s why $175 for my time to set up your Google+ My Business is such a Bargain!

william cato


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